School lunches

Ben helps answer that perennial question, what to put in the school lunchboxes, by sharing his kids’ lunch of choice – sushi.


How well we deal with the challenges and disappointments in life comes down to something known as ‘resilience’ and the environment we create for our children helps to nurture this important trait.

Managing stress

As much as we hope for a stress-free life, there’s no avoiding the downs that accompany the ups. We all have to deal with stress, from the everyday trials through to the more serious challenges we all face at some point in our lives.

Children’s sexuality

Research tells us that if we’re confident talking to our children about sex and relationships from an early age, they are more likely grow up to be healthy, happy and sexually-responsible adults. They should find it easier to resist peer pressure and express their beliefs and values, delay sexual activity, have fewer sexual partners and be less likely to have an unplanned pregnancy or get a Sexually Transmissible Infection (STI).

Family violence

Family violence is a heartbreakingly huge problem in New Zealand, with many thousands of women and children living in abusive situations, permanently on high alert and in constant fear for their safety.

Children with disabilities

Disabled people say others’ attitudes and behaviours can be as big a barrier to participating in society as physical and mental barriers are. We can all play a part in making the lives of the one in five New Zealanders living with a mental, physical or intellectual impairment, easier, through our attitudes and behaviour.

Digital learning

The world is changing rapidly and part of this change is the prevalence of digital learning in classrooms up and down the country. Digital devices are now commonplace in many schools and early learning centres. In this story, we look at how Point England School in Auckland is using digital learning to improve students’ learning outcomes.

Learning to ride a bike

Riding a bike is a fundamental skill that is recognised the world over with providing children with a sense of achievement and independence. So what are you waiting for?!

Being water safe

As Kiwis, we love the water – playing or swimming in it, boating or sailing on it, or simply enjoying our stunning coastline, beaches, lakes and rivers. But sadly, every year, a large number of New Zealanders lose their lives to drowning. So how do we keep our children safe in and around water?

Team sport – using a bat

Much and all as you might dream of having a future sports star in the family, don’t be in too much of a hurry to sign them up for a team, say the experts.