Two year olds

Ditch the ‘terrible’ and think of this stage as the ‘terrific twos’, an age when children learn and master so much. Growing in independence, your two year-old probably likes to do things “myself”, such as put their shoes on, wash their hands and climb into the car seat unaided. Between the ages of two and three, children will often drop day-time naps altogether and transition from cot to bed. This is also the age when children start moving away from nappies, although like most things, there are no hard and fast rules.

To help parents and children get through the day, regular ‘quiet time’ in place of a nap can be a lifesaver at this age. On the food front, it’s important to create an environment where eating is fun and enjoyable. Two year olds love attention – positive or negative - so the more fuss you make about eating, the more fuss they’ll make, and the longer it will go on.

Your child’s language will be blossoming and they’ll be adding many new words to their vocabulary every day and will begin speaking in two and three word sentences. On the physical front, two year olds are naturally adventurous and relishing newly-mastered skills.

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