Learning to ride a bike

Riding a bike is a fundamental skill that is recognised the world over with providing children with a sense of achievement and independence. So what are you waiting for?!

Top 5 Tips

1. Second-hand bikes are fine but try to buy a new helmet if possible and have it fitted properly at a bike shop.

2. A good way for children to progress is from a trike to a balance bike to a pedal bike.

3. You can make a balance bike for older children by taking the pedals off a normal bike. (Put them back on once your child has mastered balance.)

4. Hold onto the back of the seat rather than the handlebars when your child is learning to ride a bike. That way they are in control and you’re merely helping with stability.

5. Make it fun but remember that falling off (and getting back up) is part of life and teaches children resilience.

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