The first few weeks have morphed into months and you’ve survived … Congratulations! You now have a little one who is more responsive and ‘chatty’ and you’re probably enjoying smiles, coos and laughter – just what sleep-deprived parents need to get through the day (and night!). Despite what your friends tell you, waking once or twice (or more) in the night is normal. You can’t spoil a baby by going to them when they cry so cuddle away. It won’t last forever... promise! One day they (and you) will be happily sleeping through the night.

This is a rewarding time as your baby begins to spend more time awake and ‘talking’. Their personality will start to shine through and there will be lots of cooing and squealing. As they become more aware of other people they’ll start showing pleasure when they recognise special people in their life – a real joy for the rest of the whanau.

On the physical front, it’s all go as your baby learns to roll from side to side, and from front to back. Don’t be alarmed if they’re sucking and dribbling on anything they can get their mouths on. It’s the next step in their journey of world exploration!

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