The importance of the first years

It’s only in recent years that we’ve truly come to understand the importance of the first three years for brain development. It’s during this time that the brain is hard-wired and the foundation laid down for how a person will feel, think and behave for the rest of their life.

While that may sound overwhelming, it’s all pretty simple. Forget flash cards, gimmicks and expensive toys, the most important thing a child needs is at least one adult who loves and cares for them. They need someone to respond to their needs, have fun with them and provide them safe opportunities to explore the world.

This attachment teaches children how to form relationships and enables them to reach their full potential. It creates a template for how they will get on with others and the types of relationships they will form throughout their lifetime.

Sadly, not getting the care and attention they need in the early years impacts on a child’s IQ and puts them at greater risk of developing emotional disorders, learning problems and behavioural issues.

Top 10 Tips

1. Cuddle your baby.

2. Talk to your baby.

3. Read to your baby.

4. Smile at your baby.

5. Give your baby time.

6. Give your baby attention and respond to their needs.

7. Allow children to play.

8. Allow children to ask questions.

9. Allow children to explore.

10. Enjoy the journey and have fun!

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