Any time from around five months, your baby will push themselves up onto their knees and begin to move and you’ll suddenly be the proud parent of a crawler! A baby on the move and eating solids…Be prepared for happy chaos! This is a time of great learning and the beginning of exploration for your little one. Learning is all about play now and for a long time to come. Next to being loved and nurtured, play is the most important thing in your baby’s world.

Once your baby is crawling, make sure they can move freely. Unrestrained on the floor is the best place for them; think of the floor as their gymnasium. From around six months your baby will start eating solids – a messy but exploratory time! Most babies this age sleep for 10-12 hours at night and have one to two day-time naps.

Expect them to still be waking at least once in the night. (It pays not to compare your baby with other people’s babies who ‘sleep through the night’; every baby is different.) When it comes to playthings, a few well-chosen, safe objects are better than a toy-box overflowing with things that rarely get touched.

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