About us

Raising Children was created with the sole purpose of giving families the information they need around the everyday stuff of raising children. With an increasingly crowded landscape of parenting advice available, the content remains non-commercial in nature and expert driven.

Raising Children is originally the 'baby' of content producer Jude Dobson. Prior to a career both in front of and behind the camera, Jude was a registered nurse in the post-natal wards at National Women’s Hospital in Auckland, giving her a keen appreciation of the need to support parents with reliable information from day one of parenthood. She has always loved babies and children and (as a mother of three herself) knows that parenting is both rewarding, challenging, ever-changing and lifelong! She now has the huge pleasure of having a new generation of babies and children in the family, with nieces and nephews becoming parents.

“I feel that parenting is probably the most important life task someone takes on, and I have found that arming myself with knowledge of what to expect through the various ages and stages, and thinking how I might approach things as a parent through those changing times, has been personally useful. Conscious parenting is a good thing. We consciously put time, effort and thought into our work lives, so why should parenting be any less important?”

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