Early maths

Maths in the preschool years is all about learning to count, right? It’s actually so much more than that! Even at this age maths is about measurement, geometry, algebra, statistics and numbers. Children come up against these mathematical concepts all the time in everyday life. You can help them get to grips with these concepts and build a strong foundation for future mathematical learning.

Top 5 Tips

1. Measurement – talk about how high the plane is, how far it is to Grandma’s house, or how heavy the bucket of water is.

2. Geometry is about shapes, but it’s also about where your child fits in space. Talk about what shape that window is, or the plate is. Talk about where your child is – “you’re under the blanket,” “you’re on top of the branch”, “you’re inside the box”.

3. Algebra – Sing songs and play music; this builds an idea of what a pattern is.

4. Statistics is all about classifying, so ask your child to put all the yellow pegs together when you’re hanging out the washing, or all the socks together in a pile when you’re folding it.

5. Numbers – incorporate number learning into everyday life. Ask your child to get four knives and forks when you’re setting the table together, or to pass you six pegs when you’re hanging out the washing.

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