It’s usually sometime around their first birthday that children find their feet and toddle off to explore the world. They will become more interested in others, and enjoy playing alongside their little mates. Language develops rapidly at this age as toddlers experiment with more and more words. And they like helping with ‘real’ jobs so you might find yourself with a little helper at your side! It takes the whole first year for your child to realise they’re a separate person from you.

This can be a confusing time for children and parents as toddlers swing between being super-independent and clingy. It can feel like you’re walking a tightrope. By 12 months, most children can eat a chopped, mashed-up version of what the family eats. This is a great opportunity to reassess family meals.

Are they balanced, varied and nutritious? On the sleep front, sometime between the ages of one and two, most children drop from two day-time naps to one and will usually be sleeping 10-12 hours at night - although not necessarily unbroken!

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