Why preparation is key

Homemade baked beans and sausages.

Doing a bit of preparation the night before or earlier in the day can mean meals are more nutritious, less expensive and less stressful! Chef Ben Bayly has freshened a Kiwi classic – his dad’s cauliflower cheese recipe – and teamed it with some healthy, homemade baked beans and sausages. Yum!

Afternoon snacks

Mexican favourite filled tortillas.

Who doesn’t need inspiration for what to feed hungry kids in the door from kindy or school? In this Food for Thought recipe, Ben Bayly puts a Kiwi spin on a Mexican favourite – filled tortillas. It’s a dish his girls love – tasty of course, but quick, easy and nutritious too. And don’t forget that go-to after school snack – smoothies. All you need is a blender/food processor, milk, banana and berries. (Yoghurt makes a great addition too.)

Early literacy

Man reading story to two young boys in classroom.

When children start to read and write it can seem like magic.  How on earth did those little brains work to absorb all the skills needed for those complicated activities?  In reality, learning to read and write isn’t magic; it’s a process that’s well understood and carefully facilitated by you and your child’s teachers.


Farther with two young children looking at flowers.

The role of fathers has changed dramatically over the past few generations. Once focused on providing for the family but pretty hands-off when it came to day-to-day parenting, dads these days tend to be very involved in actively caring for their children – a win-win situation for everyone.

Breeding bacteria

Close up of breeding bacteria.

Does your child need an incentive to wash their hands? Growing greeblies might be the motivation you’ve been looking for!

Getting ready for school

Children sit engaged with teacher in classroom.

It’s important for children to spend as much time as possible during their first five years (and beyond) moving and playing. The more opportunities children have to develop their physical and associated social, cognitive and emotional skills through physical activity, the more enjoyable and successful school is going to be.