Infant exploration

Babies learn through their senses – it’s how they explore their world. As you’ve no doubt observed, if they want to find out what something feels like, they’ll put it straight in their mouth!

Top 10 Tips

1. Mouthing objects at this age is very normal.

2. Hand mastery comes after lip and tongue control, so the mouth is the perfect way to explore and learn about the world around them.

3. Provide a few safe toys for your baby to chew on.

4. Babies will also play with their hands.

5. Playing with their hands is a critical part of a baby’s fine motor development.

6. Infants need lots of time on the floor to get to know how their body works.

7. Try to limit the time your baby spends in a car seat, bouncinette or buggy.

8. Placing objects on either side of your baby encourages movement as they try to roll onto their tummy.

9. Babies begin to reach for – and grasp – objects, and eventually will transfer them from one hand to the other.

10. Babies this age discover their toes too – reaching out for and grabbing them.

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