Life with pre-schoolers

Thoughts on life with a pre-schooler from some familiar faces. What a typical day’s like, what’s to love, the challenging stuff, and musings in hindsight, from those who’ve been there.

Changing the colour of a flower

A transformation using transpiration!

Blowing up balloons with air pressure

No need to huff and puff to blow balloons up; let an empty bottle do it for you!

Bending water with static electricity

Did you know you can bend water without touching it? Strange, but true!

Making a lava lamp

You have to agree … lava lamps are pretty groovy!


Looking for something gloopy and slimy? Look no further!

Family mealtimes

It can be hard to find the time to eat together as a family but there are plenty of reasons why it’s great to gather around the table as often as possible. Your kids will tend to eat a wider variety of foods and have better table manners for starters!

Here Ben and Jude whip up a family favourite – pulled pork on homemade sliders, with kid-friendly coleslaw.

Garden to plate

Ben makes yummy tomato soup using fresh tomatoes from his garden, which he tops with (freshly-picked) green bean salad and a cottage cheese toasty. Fresh and tasty!

Meals without meat

Want to cook more meat-free meals but lack inspiration? Ben puts a vegetarian spin on a couple of family favourites – bolognese and lasagna.

Nutritious breakfasts

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Ben’s choice for kick-starting his family’s day? Oats, in the form of muesli and porridge.