Life with pre-schoolers

Advice with pre-school children.

Thoughts on life with a pre-schooler from some familiar faces. What a typical day’s like, what’s to love, the challenging stuff, and musings in hindsight, from those who’ve been there.

Changing the colour of a flower

Close up image of flower petals.

A transformation using transpiration!

Blowing up balloons with air pressure

Stretching balloon over bottle.

No need to huff and puff to blow balloons up; let an empty bottle do it for you!

Bending water with static electricity

Two girls placing blown up balloon under tap of running water.

Did you know you can bend water without touching it? Strange, but true!

Making a lava lamp

Two girls making a lava lamp.

You have to agree … lava lamps are pretty groovy!


Young girls making slime.

Looking for something gloopy and slimy? Look no further!

Family mealtimes

Tray of dough ready to be baked.

It can be hard to find the time to eat together as a family but there are plenty of reasons why it’s great to gather around the table as often as possible. Your kids will tend to eat a wider variety of foods and have better table manners for starters!

Here Ben and Jude whip up a family favourite – pulled pork on homemade sliders, with kid-friendly coleslaw.

Garden to plate

Bunch of fresh beans and tomatoes from the garden.

Ben makes yummy tomato soup using fresh tomatoes from his garden, which he tops with (freshly-picked) green bean salad and a cottage cheese toasty. Fresh and tasty!

Meals without meat

Home cooked meals in casserole dishes.

Want to cook more meat-free meals but lack inspiration? Ben puts a vegetarian spin on a couple of family favourites – bolognese and lasagna.

Nutritious breakfasts

Fresh fruit on top of porridge.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Ben’s choice for kick-starting his family’s day? Oats, in the form of muesli and porridge.