Breeding bacteria

Close up of breeding bacteria.

Does your child need an incentive to wash their hands? Growing greeblies might be the motivation you’ve been looking for!

Fake snot

Close up of fake snot held by child.

Disgusting as it may sound, making fake snot is an educational experience – and fun!

Vinegar volcanoes

Girls excited as their vinegar volcano erupts.

Just like the real thing, the Rosies’ volcano puts on an explosive show. (Friendly suggestion: you might like to try this one outside!)

Bouncing eggs

Hardboiled egg under running water.

Bouncing eggs? Is that possible?! Your child will marvel at this scientific transformation.


Lego and other figurines.

This is a fun experiment to do with your child. Let them choose their favourite Lego minifigure (or similar) and marvel as it floats to the ground.

Changing the colour of a flower

Close up image of flower petals.

A transformation using transpiration!

Blowing up balloons with air pressure

Stretching balloon over bottle.

No need to huff and puff to blow balloons up; let an empty bottle do it for you!

Bending water with static electricity

Two girls placing blown up balloon under tap of running water.

Did you know you can bend water without touching it? Strange, but true!

Making a lava lamp

Two girls making a lava lamp.

You have to agree … lava lamps are pretty groovy!


Young girls making slime.

Looking for something gloopy and slimy? Look no further!