Newborn early experiences and attachment

As parents we want the very best for our children, for them to grow up to be (amongst other things) competent and confident learners and communicators. This might seem an age away from the little baby in your arms, but in fact babies actually start learning right from birth. To do this they need a couple of key things – positive experiences and a secure attachment to someone, so their brains connect in a good way. At birth, a baby’s nerve cells in their brain are present but they’re not connected up, only about 15% are. The other 85% have yet to happen – and they are modified by the sorts of experiences a baby has.

Newborn communication

Baby's newborn hand inside of mothers hand.

Babies already come with a way of communicating, and it’s the responsibility of the adult to figure out what these cues they are giving you actually mean, what the baby then is signaling it needs from the adult and then…the adult needs to provide it. Quite a tall order for a new relationship! Take the time to learn to read your newborn’s cues as you establish that vital communication link between you and your baby. Before you know it, you’ll have one cry differentiated from another and when someone says “isn’t the baby hungry?” you’ll be able to say “no, I can tell from her cues she’s telling me she is actually tired and wants to go to bed”…