Respiratory illnesses

Child breaths from aspirator.

On average, young children get between six and 10 colds per year as they build their immunity to the many viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. While colds interrupt sleep and make children miserable, they’re generally not serious. Lots of cuddles, rest and fluids will usually have your child fit and well again. But there are some respiratory illnesses that need to be taken seriously, including bronchiolitis and asthma.

Moving on from nappies

Childs underwear hang from line.

Most children are ready to graduate from nappies sometime between 18 months and four years, but there are no rules so it’s important to be guided by your child.


Sick child receiving treatment for Meningitis.

Meningitis – it’s enough so send fear into the heart of any parent. Caused by a bacteria or a virus, it can kill children very quickly, so it’s extremely important you get your child to a doctor or hospital immediately if you suspect something is wrong.