CPR and first aid

Despite our best intentions, accidents do happen so it pays to know what to do if you need to provide first aid care. Attending a first aid course could save your child’s life. We caught up with a St John educator as she shared her advice with a group of mums.


Scary and all as it can be for parents, a fever is a symptom, not a disease. It means the temperature inside the body is higher than normal and is usually a sign the body is fighting an infection of some sort. The most obvious sign of a fever is a child will feel hot. They may also be irritable, cry and be off their food.

Oral health

When your child is around six months old, their baby teeth will start coming through the gum. As well as being important for a nice smile and helping with the vital tasks of chewing and speaking, baby teeth help to guide permanent adult teeth into place.  So, from the day they make their first appearance, it pays to take good care of your baby’s precious pearly-whites.

Danger signs

Is it just a cold or something more serious? As a parent it’s important to know when to call for help and what the ‘red alert’ danger signs are for babies and young children. Get help quickly from a doctor if your baby or young child shows any of the signs listed below and learn CPR to be prepared for emergencies.