Transitioning to school

Starting school… it’s a momentous milestone for everyone in the family! The key to making the transition from home/ECE to school a happy one is to get your child comfortable and familiar with the idea. Talk to them positively about school, bring them for school visits and make sure you – and they – are well prepared before (and on) the big day.

Top 5 Tips

1. It’s helpful if your child can read and write their own name, recognise basic colours and shapes, know the alphabet and count to 10, but the most important thing to teach them before they start school is how to ‘self-manage’ i.e. take their shoes on and off, blow their nose, go to the toilet, dress themselves etc.

2. Buy a lunchbox, drink bottle and schoolbag a few weeks before they start school and let them bring them to ECE. Knowing how to open and close their bag, bottle and lunchbox is one of key skills they’ll need before they start school.

3. Visit the school on the weekend and let your child play on the playground, drink from the water fountain, find the toilet, their classroom and the office. Try to make it fun!

4. Five minutes before the bell rings on the first morning, tell your child you’ll be going when the bell rings and point to where you will meet them at the end of the day. When the bell rings give your child a quick kiss and a hug and leave. (Deep breath!)

5. Expect your child to be very tired for the first few weeks/months. Don’t plan too much after school; they’ll need lots of quiet down-time and some extra love and attention wouldn’t go amiss during this time of change.

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