The home/school partnership

Two really important aspects to your child doing well at school are the school itself and, crucially, the support your child receives at home. When home and school work together in partnership, amazing things happen!


Top 5 Tips

1. The Ministry of Education has some tips on Parent-Teacher meetings questions:

• Is my child progressing as expected?

• What do they do well?

• What do they need help with?

• What can I do to help?

• Do they participate well in class?

• Does my child seem settled at school? How do they get along with others?

• Are there any areas for concern?

• What’s the best way to contact you if I need to discuss anything further?

2. Even if your child doesn’t ask, they’ll probably be keen to hear what you talked to their teacher about. Share the positive things that the teacher said and give them plenty of praise. Then talk about anything the teacher suggested you could do at home to help them.

3. If you didn’t agree with something the teacher said, it’s better to stay positive about the teacher or the school in front of your child. If you have concerns about anything that was discussed, you should arrange a separate appointment with the school to talk about this further.

4. You can talk to your child’s teacher anytime. Because you are in partnership with the school, and you both want your child to do well, you are encouraged to talk regularly with the school.

5. Ask your child’s teacher what the best way to contact them is. They are usually happy for you to email them with any questions or concerns. You can also often talk to the teacher in person for brief discussions without needing to make an appointment – just make sure you approach them outside of class times.  If you want to have more time for a longer discussion you are best to make an appointment.

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