Stability and manipulative skills

Alongside locomotion, stability (balance) and manipulative skills make up the three fundamental themes that underpin all physical movement.

Top 5 Tips

1. Remember that children learn best when they’re having fun and playing games.

2. In young children, swinging, spinning and rocking helps to develop balance. Encourage them to roll on the ground, gently spin them on an office chair (both ways) or help them swing from bars at the playground. Balancing on rocks at the beach, walking along a low wall and hopscotch will all help slightly older children to develop stability.

3. Young children love throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing and rolling balls. They especially love it if you play with them!

4 .Playing with balls helps develop ‘hand-eye’ or ‘foot-eye’ coordination (when our eyes work together with our hands or feet); a good sense of timing (this helps when learning to cross the road etc.) and balance.

5. A fun thing to do with your preschooler is to roll up a pair of socks and ask them to throw the socks into the washing basket. Encourage older children to stand further back.

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