School lunches

Ben helps answer that perennial question, what to put in the school lunchboxes, by sharing his kids’ lunch of choice - sushi.


1 chicken breast
1 egg
1C panko bread crumbs
1Tbsp coconut oil
1tsp butter
1. Cut the chicken breast into strips
2. Coat in egg and then in bread crumbs
3. Fry in coconut oil and add butter at the end. Cook until golden
1C rice
1Tbsp rice wine vinegar
1. Wash rice thoroughly under cold water
2. Add fresh water to cover 2cm above the rice
3. Cover with a lid and bring up to the simmer
4. Cook on a very low heat and leave to cook until all the water has evaporated
5. Remove from the pot and pour over rice wine vinegar, mix until all of the rice is coated with vinegar
Cooked rice
Nori seaweed
Chicken katsu
Cream cheese
Vegetables of your choice
(Ben used capsicum, cucumber, rocket and avocado)
Togarashi seasoning
1. For the cream cheese sushi, soak a sushi box and place on a flat surface
2. Fill one-third with cooked rice and spread cream cheese along a channel in the middle
3. Place sliced vegetables, seaweed and rocket on top
4. Cover with more rice and press down with the box insert then lift off the sushi box.
5. Sprinkle with togarashi seasoning and sliceCHICKEN SUSHI
1. For the chicken sushi use a sushi mat and place nori seaweed shiny side down
2. Spread two handfuls of sushi rice along the seaweed, keeping a 4cm gap at the bottom
3. Place your vegetables and katsu chicken along the top edge of the rice
4. Begin to roll by slightly wetting the bottom edge of the seaweed to seal
5. Roll the sushi and pull back towards you to keep it tight
6. Take off the mat and slice

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