Moving to music

Turn up the music and get moving!

Top 5 Tips

1. Music provides a good atmosphere for physical activity and can often give the necessary motivation to keep children enjoying physical activity.

2. Listening to music and singing along to rhymes helps children develop an awareness of different emotions and feelings, speech by repetition of words and hand-eye coordination by getting a good sense of beat from music.

3. It also helps develop memory skills, an understanding of concepts such as night, day, under, over, animals, rain, stairs etc. and timing skills which help children to kick moving balls, and throw and catch things.

4. Revisit some of your childhood favourites such as ‘Ring o ring o’ roses’, or ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, or learn some new ones. (‘Wheels on the bus’ anyone?)

5. Play musical statues! Put some music on and dance/move… stop when the music stops.

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