Fake snot

Disgusting as it may sound, making fake snot is an educational experience – and fun!

What you’ll need:

– Boiling water (adult supervision needed)

– A cup

– Gelatin

– Corn syrup

– A teaspoon

– A fork


1. Fill half the cup with boiling water.

2. Add three teaspoons of gelatin to the boiling water.

3. Let it soften before stirring with a fork.

4. Add a quarter of a cup of corn syrup.

5. Stir the mixture again with your fork and look at the long strands of gunk that have formed.

6. As the mixture cools, slowly add more water, small amounts at a time.

What’s the science?

Snot is made mostly of sugars and protein. Although different than the ones found in the real thing, this is exactly what is in this fake snot. The long, fine strings you can see inside the fake snot when you move it around are protein strands. These protein strands make snot sticky and capable of stretching. Uckkk!

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